Old Testament Plays

Nehemiah Let us Rise up and Build Play

Life of Daniel Play

New Testament Plays

Feeding the Multitude – Miracle of Jesus Play

Paul at the Tower of Antonia Play

Historical Plays

The Gunpowder Plot Play – short version
Who are the website administrators?

The website and its content are maintained by bro. Peter & sis. Karly Styles (Brantford, Sildenafil
Ontario), healthful
bro. Daniel & sis. Linda Wilton (Manitoulin Island, page
Ontario) and bro. Tim & sis. Hadassah Styles (Okanagan Central, British Columbia).

Who is the website intended for?

While the website is intended primarily for sisters, brothers may find much of the content to be useful in planning CYC and ecclesial activities.

Aren’t there enough websites and blogs out there?

There are probably more than enough! The intent of this website is to pool together resources (the majority of which have been developed by individual brothers and sisters) that are geared toward our unique understanding of the Truth of the Bible, and that may not be readily available elsewhere.

Can I submit material for the website?

Comments, suggestions and general feedback would be very much appreciated. The current backlog of materials to be reviewed and added to the site will keep us busy for some time :) If you have material you would like to be made available in the future, please send us an email at waysofherhousehold @ gmail . com .